Garbage & Recycling Information

Town of Elba Residents Only - Garbage and Recycling

Located at:

Town of Elba Town Hall
N3799 County T

Saturdays Only
7:00 am - 1:00 pm - Attendant on Duty

$1.00 per garbage bag up to 32 gallon or equivalent to one 32 gallon outdoor garbage can

Larger bags and/or containers will be determined at the time of drop off.

Trash punch cards are available for $10.00 (see attendant)


Prepare Recyclables as Follows:

Remove contents from plastic garbage/grocery bags. These type of bags are not recyclable.

Aluminum, clean and flatten.

Tin cans, rinse clean, remove labels.

Glass, rinse clean, remove caps and rings, separate colors. Window glass, ceramics, china, and light bulbs not accepted.

Plastic, rinse and remove caps and rings.

Paper, all types of clean paper. Paper towels, tissues, and wax coated paper are not accepted.

Cardboard, flatten. Wax coated cardboard is not accepted.

Newspapers, bundled separately from other papers.

Large Items, (i.e. furniture, appliances, etc...) - The Town of Elba has a trailer for larger items to be disposed of. Items may only be brought in on Saturday mornings. Please speak with attendant before unloading any item(s). Click here for current fees:  AMENDED - Recycling Fee Schedule

Not Accepted

Remodeling debris of any kind (i.e. windows, doors, shingles, siding, concrete, etc...) motor oil, lead-acid batteries, liquid of any kind, tires, furnaces.